19 April 2008

State of Progress: Mobile Weapon: Battle Stations

Trader Oggg
Ship: Kraftwerk (Destroyer)
Level: 69 (Exp: 38,835,948/40,718,400)
Craft: 35Gunnery: 0
Navigation: 276
Stats Points: 0
HP: 19736/19737
Capacity: 5900/7500
Speed: 50 (+276)
Armor: 15 (11.5%)


Wilfrid said...

Hey, what's that?

Is it an Asian game or Western game?

Looks very cute and interesting!

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

It's a free Singaporean game on Facebook.

It's headed by a local banker named Leonard Lin. He was featured in the papers a couple of times previously.

It's Asian but it incorporates steampunk elements which is interesting as steampunk is essentially a Victorian fantasy with cyberpunk ideals incorporated.

There are Japanese manga and anime set in steampunk worlds as you know.

Wilfrid said...

Oh ... is it a MMROPG like WoW then? Or it is an individual game like ... RPG I suppose?

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

It is a MMO but there isn't really any scope as to movement. You have a set amount of action points to spend. Time-based. You could explore, trade, fight other ships. You could outfit your ship according to your desire. Speed, weapons and hitpoints. That's basically it. What you do, a text field will return the results.

It's very linear. Not much scope. It's a casual game.