13 April 2008

Street Kings

'Street Kings' is apparently based on a James Ellroy novel, 'The Night Watchman'. I was surprised when I saw his name in the writing credits last night. I have heard of this well-known writer of crime fiction previously but I must admit that I am unfamiliar with his work. 'LA Confidential' was apparently based on a book of his as well.The depiction of the LA underworld in the Street Kings and the extent of corruption in the LAPD were of interest as well. Heh.


Wilfrid said...

Oh really?! I think I have 'The Night Watchman' in my book shelf somewhere and till today, I still haven't opened it yet.

Perhaps I shall watch the movie first ...

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I am amazed. Have you read many of Ellroy's books then?

And have you read the book which LA Confidential was based on?