12 April 2008

Loose Lips sink Ships

There are quite a number of loony tunes on the Facebook Singapore Network.

For instance, there is a person on the Facebook Singapore network wall who appears eager to relate his experiences and work with ACME Weapons Company*. No names will be mentioned in this entry of course. His beliefs are his own. He appears to have quite a mouth and to be quite unable to control himself despite his work with an arms manufacturer.

I suspect it will only be a matter of time before he describes something sensitive. He has made mention of NAMMO and ATK Bushmaster 30mm ammunition. He has a photo of himself posing with the turret of the Bionix II some time ago.

From his own mouth in a recent post on the forums:

"I'm a weapon systems platform designer. I design things that kill people, more accurately, more destructively and more precisely. I am working for my passion. But my passion is not killing. And I get more money for not killing more people than is necessary."

I would think that if one is in such a sensitive position, one shouldn't be announcing nor advertising on a public forum.

From my impression of him, he has a pent-up need to announce to the world of his accomplishments and he is clearly dissatisfied.

A scary aspect of this is that this weapons designer subscribes to American evangelical apocalyptic visions of the end and he believes that from current events in the Middle East, the end is here. Imagine this set of beliefs in a weapons designer. A rather unholy mixture of volatile beliefs and skillsets, I should say. Hopefully, the policy and decision-makers are not of this mindset.

In another thread, he has also expressed that mankind should not stop the global warming, after all, one should embrace the end of the world!

Anyway, I have known quite a few religious fanatics in Singapore now and sadly, I don't think his beliefs are uncommon at all.

Lastly, the direction of debates and talk in the Facebook Singapore Network forum is something that I have little interest in. I will be a lot less active in future after contributing over a thousand posts.

* The name of the company is disguised. Heh.
** This entry was first written in December last year and was expanded at length much later.


Anonymous said...

This person apocalyptic visions can be an excuse for his own personal conflict.

I think deep down he just want to boost about his achievements but I guess if he keeps getting on with showing off he will eventually get into trouble especially with so much sensitivity surrounding weapons. What ever weapons they can be.

I am surprised his company has not noticed him yet. Worst of all to boost it on Facebook.


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

There are quite a few reasons from what I can see, stemming from inadequacies and insecurities. He is also convinced. He is apparently quite heavily influenced by American evangelical tracts too. He seems to exhibit a need to show everyone that only he knows of the 'coming end' too. Yes, he does want to boost his standing with the virtual community. Sadly for him, he is clueless and he is not succeeding.

Well, it's difficult for his company to monitor every social networking site.

drifand said...

Wow. Haven't visited for a while and then I see THIS. Man, I sure hope his bosses are aware of his penchant for showboating!

Or at least make use of him for disseminating false intel. ;-)

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

He is certainly a public relations liability, isn't he? He works for that secure compound we saw when we were hiking that one time.

Like yourself, I do hope his boss knows it too.