10 April 2008

Sins of a Solar Empire: Yet more screen captures

Trade port and crystal extractor on an asteroid


Wilfrid said...

Hey there. Thanks for dropping by my site. I am actually very much interested in Sins of a Solar Empire but not sure if I have the capability for that.

I do like RTS but the genre these days seem too complex for me. I tried SupComm and failed miserably. How does SINS play like? Does it require hours to complete one game and is it so hard that you need to keep reloading the saved file?

Chuang Shyue Chou said...


I was just looking around when I saw your mention of Lessing in your blog. I was surprised somewhat as yours was the only local blog that I had seen to have mentioned Lessing.

Sins of a Solar Empire is a cross between Homeworld and Galactic Civilisations. The mechanics are pretty much that of a RTS, likewise the strategy as well. A lot of it will be quite dependent on the phase lines and jump points. The dominance of a few strategy planets.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I am still in my second game in easy mode and it has been a few hours. The system requirements shouldn't be very high as the graphics, though impressive, aren't exactly state of the art. What kind of machine and video card do you have anyway?

Supreme Commander does have a high learning curve despite its similarities to its predecessor Total Annihilation or 1997. I am also failing miserably in Supreme Commander and Supreme Commander: Jagged Alliance. I can beat the AI in the easy and normal settings but hard is beyond me.

Sins hasn't got a campaign game which is a 'must' for some. I generally only play 'skirmish' games for RTS. In the current game, I haven't reloaded yet. Victory is in sight but it will take a while to conquer every planet.

How does it play? It plays like Homeworld with a full development tree and economic system. Let me see, how do I describe that?

Wilfrid said...

Hmmm ... I haven't played Homeworld nor Galactic Civilisation. My machine should be able to handle the game as I have just recently made an upgrade to my video card (yay!).

I really don't mind easy mode or a game with no champaign. At times just feel frustrated that some games require so much skills to beat ... ha ha ha. No patience eh?

Seriously, the only game that I can say I finish without any help is ... Sam and Max Season 1 ... sigh.