27 October 2007

Cold Food in a Grill (and it's not salad)

I stumbled upon Hog's Breath at Vivocity last night. I found it tucked in a secluded corner on the third floor when I was dodging a crowd of dizzy, screaming teenagers which had gathered to gawk at the Rock, a some time wrestler and thespian wannabe who presumably was set up to be the Arnie of the 21st Century, albeit, lacking Arnie's screen presence, which really wasn't saying much.

I ordered the Tex-Mex Combo which came cold! The steak was rubbery and cold. The chicken wrap thingie was cold as were the fries and rice. The mushroom soup was watery and had something weird inside. This little adventure reminded me of the period just before the demise of Denny's, Chilli's, Planet Hollywood and TGIF franchise in Singapore when the quality of the food served deteriorated alarmingly. They were clearly on their last legs then. I would be sticking to Outback, Black Angus and Hard Rock Cafe when it came to food of this kind.

The two concessions? The service was good. The view from the bar counter overlooked the bridge adjoining Sentosa. Magical!


Anonymous said...

Since you drive, you should really give Botak Jones a try. The 200g Australian Ribeye is excellent value for money at $14.50. :-) yumyum

Chuang Shyue Chou said...


I will try.

I will let you know when I try both Crazy Ang Mo and Botak Jones.