21 January 2008

Books I am reading

I am currently reading:

'Light' by M. John Harrison
'Introducing Romanticism' by Duncan Heath
'Home from Nowhere: Remaking our Everyday World for the 21st Century' by James Howard Kunstler
'A Military History of China: From the Manchu Conquest to Tian'anmen Square' by Peter Worthing

The first is M. John Harrison's first SF novel in a long time. The second is an illustrated introductory volume explaining the Romantic movement, the third, a tome promoting New Urbanism and the final volume, another military history of China. I had just finished 'The Omnivore's Dilemma' by Michael Pollan and 'Ancient Rome' by Nigel Rodgers just last week.

I am always curious as to what everyone is reading. May I know what you are reading at present?

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BlackRX said...

"The Modern Library Writer's Workshop" by Stephen Koch

"Best American Short Stories of the Twentieth Century", guest editor John Updike.

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