07 January 2008

Only in Death

I'm reading the new Gaunt's Ghosts novel 'Only in Death'. So far, the story is highly promising! It is priced S$36.95 at Borders. With the 25% off coupon and another 10% for the card, and the 7% GST, it is S$26.69 for a hardcover. It's very affordable.

On a curious note, the cover on my book is different from the one depicted here. This image is from Amazon.com.

I also picked up another Warhammer 40,000 and a Warhammer Fantasy novel at Borders. The original price per volume is S$17.95. After discounts and GST, each book costs S$12.96. I can't argue with that kind of pricing.


I finished 'Only in Death' just before midnight! WOO! Suspenseful. Atmospheric. Eerie.

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