17 January 2008

Something Sneaky This Way Comes

It had happened a few times. There was a request for quotation called by a certain organisation on a certain online system.* This organisation was bound to abide by a certain set of rules. So, I had placed a bid. Some time later, the quotation period ended and the results was not announced. Another quotation was called immediately after. It was announced that there was some internal problems and the quotation had to be recalled. Suspicious eh?

Well, it was much later when I heard of the true situation as related by another supplier. The organisation or the people who had called for the quote was in cahoots with a certain supplier or friend. In the first instance, the favoured supplier learned to their dismay that it had not won. Instead, another supplier had won. (In one of the cases, I had the lowest prices.) So, the organisation voided that 'tender' and called for another citing 'internal problems' to ensure that its favoured supplier would win.

Injustice? This had happened a few times. I guessed this was not an uncommon means of doing business around here. These organisations were bound by certain rules due to their affiliation and they had found means to means to get around it. It would be close to impossible to gather proof. All there was was hearsay.

*Note that I am not naming any organisations or systems. They shall remain nameless. I will remain vague here.

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