06 January 2008

State of Progress: Mobile Weapon: Battle Stations

Trader Trader Oggg
Ship: Speed 295 (Destroyer)
Level: 52 (Exp: 6,582,516/6,703,900)
Craft: 70
Gunnery: 8
Navigation: 156
Stats Points: 0
HP: 9750/9750
Capacity: 1985/2000
Speed: 351 (+156)

I spent 298AP (+5, +5 for astrolabe). The encounter rate is supposedly 10%.

By right, I should have about 30 encounters. I have 28 encounters. Slightly less than the 10% average. Of the 28 encounters, my quarry got away in 2 encounters. I got sunk by the Hand of Death in one of them. Not a particular good xp haul tonight. Heh.

There were encounters with three new NPC ships. Nightwing Assassins, Sandstorm Raider, Royal Renegade. None of these are as powerful as the Hand of Death or Flying Fortress of Doom. However, some of the NPC ships are fast.

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