05 January 2008

There is an upside though. It's unrelated but it's still an upside. I signed for electricity in a fixed price contract at the end of last year. Guess what? The oil prices went up. The HSFO price at contract confirmation was USD491.70/MT. The current price level is about $513.84/MT. High Sulphur Fuel Oil. Whee!

I will probably head down to Borders this afternoon to pick up a few more volumes. I picked up 'A History of Histories' last night, some pulpy SF novel and an illustrated volume on Ancient Athens and Rome.


V said...

During the holidays the Military Channel on cable was devoting the entire weekend on the Roman Empire. Fascinating stuff, but not entirely unfamiliar to me. I will soon be looking at some history books on the subject myself.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Thanks V. I will keep a look out. They may screen it here.

Have you picked up any histories on the Roman Empire yet?

V said...

Not yet. I was at Borders today and got sidetracked to the Science section and purchased "In Search of Schrodinger's Cat" by John Gribbin. Though I do have a copy of "A short History of Byzantium" by John Julius Norwich which I have yet to read.