06 October 2008

Games for Sale

I'm clearing out some games, I need space for my books! These are games that I have either played once or never played. In some instances, I played only half a game before moving on to others. And I have laminated the cards of a few of these games. They are pretty much as good as new, close to mint condition.

Board Games

Fearsome Floors (Finstere Flure) (German edition) - $45.00

Carcarssonne: The Castle (German edition) - $29.00

Too many Cooks - $16.00

Feuerschlucker - $17.00

Station Manager - $28.00

Wings of War: Famous Aces - Reserved

Flinke Finger* - $17.00

Employee of the Month - $21.00

Intrige - $27.00

Wyatt Earp (German edition)** - $27.00

Democrazy - Sold

Fantasy Business - Sold

Most of these games are language independent. For the German edition, the English language rules are easily available.

Computer Games

Dungeons & Dragons Online - $40.00***

Prices are not negotiable. I'm not interested in a trade either as there isn't a game that you have that I will possibly want. Unless it is books... For the sale of stuff, we can arrange a day in the Orchard Road or Novena area to meet.

Send email if interested. Email: cyberiad@pacific.net.sg

* I have not looked at this card game. I don't know if it is language independent, has English rules or otherwise.
** Not language independent. You will need to do some work on this.
*** The first month of freeplay is gone. You can pay with your credit card for additional time.

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