09 October 2008


Two weeks ago, I watched 'Wall-E' in an almost deserted cinema at Great World City. This, the latest overhyped and vaunted of the Pixar releases, was a lacklustre piece about two charmless robots. The statements on excess and waste in the form of a derelict earth and a decadent spaceliner of pure indulgence were force-fed with little irony. Likewise, the comedy was slapstick and clumsy. Were they trying to do a Charlie Chaplin? If so, it was bland and tedious. Like other movies of the Pixar irk, 'Toy Story' and 'Toy Story II', this charmless tale while competently told, had little to recommend except for some good backdrops. Overrated, money-spinning vehicle. Spare us. 4/10


Wilfrid said...

Hmmm .. I guess you are not feeling the connection at the emotional level eh? If I recall (long time ago), what amazed us was the "facial expression" and "body language" that looked so real to us. But ya, I am seeing where you are coming from if you are to see it from a comedy point of view. I watched it like an animated drama ... lol.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Well, a mobile trash compacter machine with anthromorphic attributes? I think not.