12 October 2008

Burn after reading

The latest Coen brothers film, not unlike their previous efforts, was a study in folly and stupidity. I saw this humourous take on the fallibility of people at GV Great World City last night. 'Burn after reading' was about an attempt to blackmail an ex-CIA analyst after the files of his assets fell into the hands of a bumbling duo from a gym. That resulted in a series of attempted blackmail, divorce cases, murders, defection and subsequently a few puzzled people. Hilarious!

The excellent cast, not because they were stars, but the cast, led by the versatile and funny John Malkovich, gave a stellar performance and essentially gave voice to this march of folly. 7/10


LDahl said...

I love their films, hope to see this one.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Have you seen all of them?