14 October 2008

A call from Streetdirectory.com

Strange. A lady from Streetdirectory.com called me up a few minutes ago. After explaining how good they are and what their website can do, they said they have me on a 12 month programme with two months free! Wait a minute! I didn't ask or agree to anything. What!? They had asked for my business contact information for updating and I was happy to provide it. Then, I asked what of SLA's lawsuit? The lady claimed that there was no such thing. I said I remember that their company was famous for their lawsuits too. I told them that I wanted nothing to do with their company. The call ended there.

That was certainly not the strangest of calls that I have received. I have received calls from women with robotic, monotone voices pushing investments. I have also received numerous calls from Standard Chartered Bank.

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