13 October 2008

A very long engagement

I watched 'A very long engagement' on DVD two weeks back. This Jean-Pierre Jeunet film which was characterised by strong moments of irony and black humour was about a woman's faith and her relentless search for her fiancé. In terms of structure, the film resembled a puzzle box which was opened in the course of the protagonist's endeavour to discover her fiancé's fate during the Great War. Unlike some overdrawn emotional melodrama like the turgid 'Legends of the Fall', the nuances of the behaviour and eccentricities of the characters gave a sense of realness, a human touch that did not feel clichéd. The incredible cinematography and the breathtaking scenary which formed the backdrop of this film were out of this world. My descriptions would not do it justice. 6.5/10

p.s. I wanted to pick up my pens and draw immediately after I watched this film. I had also wanted to travel too. To think that places of such immense beauty ...

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