31 October 2008

Red Alert! Installation limits

Thanks to a red alert from Teck Loong and additional information from Leonard Lin and Gary Ng, I will not be purchasing Red Alert 3 and Spore. These two games have installation limits in that one can only install it on a machine a limited number of times.

Previously, I have had some interest in the two abovementioned titles. Given the limits, I will steering clear of them, I will reserve my money for other titles.


Wilfrid said...

Installation limits are getting more and more common eh? I like like Bioshock, that limitation is probably only for the first year when they expect the piracy to be the highest. In fact, Bioshock has already removed that limitation. I expect these games to drop the limitation after the initial period has passed.

I can understand why some gamers are turning away from these restrictions. But personally I am torn between that and a good game that worth playing. I am not from the gaming industry, but I think as a gamer, I don't mind that restriction because:

(1) Bioshock for instance will lower the count if you uninstall the game from one machine. Hence, you can uninstall the game and install the game for as many times as you like. And you can install your game in up to X number of machines (you still need the DVD to play of course).

(2) So far, I have been installing games and I have not run into that limitation as yet.

(3) I have faith that I can contact the tech support to have the restriction lifted for valid reasons.

Just my thoughts to share with you.

Anonymous said...

stop playing games! Upload your photos! I wanna see them!


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I just posted some, Your Majesty.

Wilfrid, they do remove the limitation? That is news to me. Do you think imposing that reduce piracy?

Uninstalling will reduce the count? Hmm.. I didn't know that for Bioshock. Incidentally, did you finish it?

Faith and tech support? I am surprised too. That raises a few questions. Why would corporate entities yield despite the loss of goodwill? Historically, they have been blind to that. Secondly, have you ever known tech support to have any ability to unlock anything including code that had been compiled?