30 June 2008

AMX-13 SM1

The AMX-13 SM1, armed with the original 75mm L70 gun, was in service with the Singapore Armed Forces for a few decades. The SM1 modification included the mounting of an American diesel engine. This tank, now being retired, is replaced by the Leopard 2A4. This example is found at Kent Ridge.


A thank you to Gary who pointed out that this is an unmodified AMX-13.

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Gur Yur said...

Looks more like stock AMX-13, really, as in, pre-SM1 mod.

Gur Yur said...

The SM1 mod featured a prominent raised roof over the engine compartment, and also a prominent grille for the exhaust on the starboard sponson above the right side track.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

You are almost certainly right, Gur. I cannot tell the difference. Thank you for pointing that out.