08 June 2008

Werner's Oven

I was just at Werner's Oven at 6 Upper East Coast Road tonight. German food! I had a garlic sausage dish with sauerkraut and potato salad, apple and blackcurrant juice, and a few other items. My friend had the pork knuckle. Not bad at all. I like the food.

We had the following:

Fried Camembert - $8.80
breadcrumbed cheese served w/ cranberry sauce

Wild Garlic Sausage - $18.50
w/ sauerkraut & potato salad

Knusperiege Schweinehaxe - $19.50
crispy pork knuckle w/ sauerkraut & mashed potatoes

Rote Grutze Berry Sago - $6.0
w/ vanilla sauce

There was even a bakery there!




Tim said...

When I was in Germany many years ago, I had a bowl of German style potato soup that had big chunks of sausage in it. The waiter told me the recipe was 600 years old. Good stuff...

Wilfrid said...

Oh, I do love to eat sausages. Perhaps I shall give it a try!