09 June 2008

What a weekend! Firstly, Federer was crushed by Nadal in the French Open. My take is that Federer lacked self-belief when it came to facing Nadal on clay. Weird. A mental block?

Well done Ana Ivanovic! A new Grand Slam champion! A new world number one! Exciting! A wide-open field!

Meanwhile, Hamilton crashed out! Splendid! And his apology to Kimi was so half-hearted that it was equivalent to the Japanese's response in the aftermath of World War II. Well done Kubica! It is such an open season but I expect the superior McLaren and Ferrari cars to rack up the points as the season continues. Hopefully, Hamilton comes up empty-handed again.

For Euro 2008, my prediction, France to win despite a problem in scoring. The team I support? Italy. However, I doubt if Italy will make it far. I do hope though. I also expect Germany to perform.


Wilfrid said...

Cynthia loves to watch football. Years ago she passed the fever to me and I have been chasing after each and every matches of the EURO and FIFA ... and this year, I am going to take a break.


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

She does? Wow! Has she got a favourite team? Don't tell me it's Manure? Heheh.

What about yourself?

I Like Euro because it is utterly unpredictable, like Greece winning the last one for instance.