20 June 2008

The Neapolitan with the crystals

A moment ago, an Italian with a smattering of English walked into my office. I received his card and saw that he was from Napoli but the card had precious little information as to what his business was. He managed with some difficulty to convey that he had organised an exhibition for the Sultan of Brunei recently and he was on his way back to Italy. As it was, he had three pieces of crystals some kind that he wanted to sell off at half price rather than lug them back to Italy. He asked if I had wanted to see them, he had them in his car. I declined and he was gone. I get all kinds of curious people visiting my office these days.


Chen said...

He sounds like a con man.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I am almost certain that he is. The story that he is telling is a classic one.