26 June 2008

WOO! Hahaha! This Euro 2008 tournament is incredible fun. Unpredictable results all round. Germany 3 Turkey 2. In the past, I have always supported Italy and Germany. These were the two teams that the Straits Times journalists and Singaporeans love to hate, after all, the typical Singaporeans' favourite team is Brazil. Hahaha. I must say that I am glad. In recent years, the German team has become unrecognisable to me as the great players have retired and it has become somewhat harder to identify with them. Why Italy and Germany? Well, basically, these two teams have played organised, tactical football, which can be utterly defensive at times. Tactics which can be sometimes be decried as anti-football by the so-called purists and such. However, tactics and formations basically mean that these teams are playing with their brains. Playing to their strengths and denying the opposing team their strengths. As it is, I admire thinking teams and Italy and Germany are illustrations of that sort of thinking football. Flair? Well, sure, leave that to the Brazilians.

Besides, I hate the arrogance exhibited by many of the Brazilian players. That reminds me of the Manure fans, players and manager. Manure fans are absolutely the worse. They are manure.

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