13 June 2008

I haven't watched 'The Happening' yet but I think M. Night Shyamalan is not unlike Tim Burton. These two directors have great technique, (pacing and suspense for Shyamalan, art direction for Tim Burton) but they have problems with scripts and plotting. I find that they do not know how to develop their plots and end their movies. I am very alright with tragedies, films with ambiguous endings and so forth, after all, I have watched a lot of European art house fare previously and I will still watch them given time and opportunity. However, a bad ending is a bad ending and Burton and Shyamalan are masters at lousy endings. I will try to watch 'The Happening' if I can find the time. His technique and ability at creating an intriguing premise and conjuring a sense of dread are compelling enough for me.

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