15 June 2008

The Brave One

An absorbing crime drama about vengenace and vigilantism in a seemingly crime-infested urban setting. This intense tale of inner conflict with Foster, in a sense, did echo the original Death Wish film and its subsequent exploitative sequels in the seventies and eighties played by Charles Bronson but it had added very little that was new except perhaps the acceptance of change in the protagonist by the protagonist. Foster was convincing in the lead role and the direction was competent but not exceptional. The Brave One had also referenced the well-known Bernhard Goetz case of 1984 in New York City. 7/10


The main protagonist was utilising a Kahr 9mm, a semi-automatic pistol from a New York-based manufacturer. The pistol model was not specified.

Addendum II

In a Wikipedia entry, apparently, Kahr Arms is Moonie owned!

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