19 July 2008

A stroll around town

After the recital, I was strolling around Raffles City. To my dismay, I found that Menotti had closed. Oh well. It was 10:15 pm and I wanted dinner. The Seah Street Deli was closed. Rocky Master's at Seah Street was closed.

I ended up with a horrid chicken wrap at McDonald's. I'm convinced that McDonald's is the worst fast food joint on this planet.

Speaking of horrid, despite Wilson's warnings, I tried Gloria Jean's time and time again. And every time I was there, I swore off their crap coffee, convinced that they serve the worse iced blended or non-blended coffee in town. I am giving up on this coffee joint. Even Starbucks isn't this bad.

I also noticed two fat prostitutes eating at McDonald's. There were three others deployed at the entrance of CHJIMES. After gobbling their McMeals, these two ladies of the night went to join their co-workers at CHJIMES. It was not surprising as the place was crawling with expatriates.


Wilfrid said...

Ahhh ... McD not that bad leh ... ha ha ha. I can use some McD now.

I thought Menotti is like a pub / food joint? How come they close so early. Boo!

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Well, it leaves me feeling bad physically.

And US corn-fed, hormone-injected beef? Patty with fillers? Well... the less said the better.

The French fries? From what I heard, these tasteless things which had French fries favourings added to give a potato taste. And their French fries are razor sharp and salty.

Hahaha. Well, I do find McDonald's abysmal. The worst of all the fast food joints.

Menotti looks like a pub but it is actually an Italian restaurant. Go to Riciotti. It's opened by the same people. Great desserts and stuff. I was there for dinner this evening. I had the salad.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Menotti at Raffles City is being replaced by Brotzeit, which offers great German food. I liked it.

And Brotzeit, Riciotti, Menotti associated, belonging to the same group.

Anonymous said...

McDonald is crap! A bowl of good noodle easily beat that artificial chemically enhanced food.


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Of course, it depends on which type of noodles too!

I ate a lot of Nissin rubbish when I was in university in the mid to late eighties. When it gets cold at 3 am in Northern California, well, even something as artificial as Nissin tastes good!

Yeah, I can no longer swallow McDonald's anymore. Maybe, the drinks! Hahahah. Okay, the breakfast is the only saving grace now. Even then....

z1ggy said...

While Mac Donald's food taste like crap. It is practically a lifesaver for me when I had to travel. I'll pick McD over the street stalls in Beijing, Mumbai or Jakarta.