15 July 2008

Head of Ren Ci Hospital arrested

Yet another big charity is in big trouble. This time, the head of Ren Ci Hospital has been arrested. Apparently, from what I have read in the papers, the charge against the holder of a Ph.D. from Mannin University is criminal breach of trust.

After the NKF and Youth Challenge scandal, I wonder how many more of these charities will the government unearth? I can't say that I am surprised by this turn of events.

On that note, I will like to know how much of each charity's donations actually go to the needy.

I remember that someone had wanted to donate toys to a children's charity, I will not say which one, but when he called, he was told that that charity had only wanted cash. What do you think?


Ken Lee said...

To be fair, the reason that some charities would rather accept cash is that material donations often require logistical arrangements that would be much less cost-effective.

Also, it is a common conceit that people can donate items that they don't want anymore. It's not fair that charities, and their beneficiaries, have to accept cast-offs or hand-me-downs.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Yes, that is true about unwanted things that are often stained, torn, dirty, broken.