18 July 2008

Twenty Four Preludes

I was at the recital this evening where Lim Yan played Rachmaninov's twenty four preludes. I enjoyed myself.

Minor points to note:
  • The ushers had their walkie talkies on. The squelch function could be heard loud and clear in the recital studio. Unprofessional.
  • There were many kids. Many of the kids were fat. And the fat people stunk. One could smell them in the studio. I sat beside one.
  • The kids brought their backpacks and somehow, they had to zip up or zip open. Loud.

I don't play the piano or any instrument, I am not trained but I was familiar with Rachmaninov's preludes as I have heard it numerous times over the years. I can't judge it on its technical merits but I enjoyed tonight's performance. While Lim Yan is not Ashkenazy, but his fingers were deft.


Lim Yan played all twenty-four preludes from memory. IMPRESSIVE!

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