11 November 2005

Memories of Park Mall

Today, Park Mall houses a shopping mall with a focus on house furnishings and offices in the upper floors. I have fond memories of this august structure when it was known by its previous moniker, Supreme House. I recall visiting DTS Computers with my mommy in 1982 or 1983 and buying our first Apple IIe computer with a wide Apple III monitor.

Supreme House also housed the well-known 'Silver Spoon' restaurant then. When the complex was renovated sometime in the nineties, it was given a new name, Park Mall. New tenants were brought into the complex to inject new life. New restaurant concepts and new franchises were set up. TGIF (or simply Friday's) the restaurant and the Jack in the Box fast food joint were once here during their short-lived forays into the Singapore gastronomical battlefield of eateries. Has it been a decade since Friday's left?

Such are memories...

"A darkened shadow hides my face
I hope I won't forget this place"
'Everything must perish' Front Line Assembly

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