26 August 2010

Conquest, Italy and its Invaders and the Science Fiction Handbook

Some volumes picked up at Borders in the last few months. 'Conquest' was interesting as it described many means by which societies overwhelmed others including the following in their respective chapters:
  • Staking a Legal Claim
  • The Power of Maps
  • Claiming by Naming
  • Supplanting the Savages
  • By Right of Conquest
  • Defending the Conquered Territory
  • Foundation Stories
  • Tilling the Soil
  • The Genocidal Imperitive
  • Peopling the Land

Medieval Italy was the battlefield and playground of the various powers. Invasion after invasion from the French, the Holy Roman Empire, the Goths and more. The medieval history of Italy is an area of interest for me. What fortune to have found this volume in the discount rack!

'The Science Fiction Handbook' is yet another volume examining science fiction, an overview with individual sections on individual volumes including 'River of Gods' by Ian McDonald, 'Snow Crash' by Neal Stephenson, 'The Forever War' by Joe Haldeman and more.
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