10 August 2010

Taipan Trader: The final

Ten games or so later, I found that I have crushed Kuoby. After all, that is the basic objective! Whee! The Kuobbit has been pushed off the top ten list!

Amongst friends, the Kuobbit is still at position 3.

I missed the 100 cannon and the quadrillion achievement. Oh well. No.2 on almost every overall list.

I can now safely rest and 'retire'. Whee!
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Wilfrid said...

I was about to ask you to post some pictures of this game you are playing. I guess you have read my mind ... ha ha ha.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Heheeheh. Taipan! You surely would know of this? Apple II game? You must have had happy memories?

It featured Hong Kong!