10 August 2010

My Facebook rules

Facebook has become pervasive and intrusive. It is an aspect of our lives now, easily dominating the scene. The other social networks? Pretty much dead.

Anyway, I have a set of rules when it comes to Facebook. Here are my little Facebook rules. Yes, I do HIDE a number of my friends and acquaintances. I don't miss their posts and I am sure you have your little lists too. Here we go:

1. I usually HIDE friends and acquaintances who could not stop talking talking about their iShit or iProduct, iProgramme delivered to them by their idol, the iCon with the designer iCancer. These are boring rather than anything else.

2. I also HIDE friends who post photos of their baby and children continuously. I have no interest in their little ones. Of course, they are welcome to hide me and my continuous posts on AFVs, ebm, rants and more. However, if they post cat photos, woo, I will definitely view them! MEOW!

3. I HIDE most FB games except for Castle Age and Taipan Trader. I play the former because my friends, Pekpire, Monkey, Julie, René play them. Otherwise, it is quite a lousy game. I play the latter because I enjoy it now and I enjoyed it then in 1984. The latter is compelling and addictive.

4. I had a stalker once, her name was B.L. B.L. was somewhat unhinged, that would explain her actions. I mean, why stalk me? I am not a Manhunt of the Year, nor famous, nor a member of a Korean boyband. You really want me singing in Korean? Here goes, 'Kimchi kimchi kimchi! La la la Kimchi!' The thing about stalkers is that they are creepy rather than annoying. So, stalk away! Err, I mean no. Haha!

5. Holy folks and their daily holy sayings. I don't actually mind reading them as they provide glimpses to that person's obsessions, of course, unless it comes from a Facebook application (and at that point, I will hide it. It is automated, what do you expect?) So, go away, post your 'Dismember all infidels and tickle their toes daily' or 'Thou shall covet thy neighbour's goat and gold' and other holy sayings...

6. Removal and blockages. I seldom remove people nor block them even if they annoy me. Instead, I usually remove blockages, that is, from my nose.


Wilfrid said...

I have been thinking about your this post for quite some time (saw that first in Facebook). I don't really have a comprehensive list of rules. I do however hide FB friends who does re-tweet in FB. It is rather strange to have Twitter conversation brought to FB. That's all.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Re-tweet. May I know if this is because of the volumes of tweets and the repetition then?