30 August 2010

Dear Mr Chuang, I am calling from a ...

"Dear Mr Chuang, I am calling from a market research firm representing some of the more prestigious financial firms..."

And yet another cold call from out of the blue. A salesperson with an accent from one of those nations providing call centre services.

Like the many previous ones before (numbering over ten) this was likely a call to provide information on alternative energy and green energy which would be followed up by another on purchasing shares in such companies. A cleverly staged and scripted thing with a bait, a hook and follow-up. I had told these firms a few times never to call again but they had persisted with a regularity similar to that of annual taxation, modern life in the 21st century I suppose.

Previously, I had entertained these folks with questions and amused myself. Numerous calls later, the novelty has subsided. Thus, now, as soon as I hear the line about a market research firm, I will put the handset on the side and let the speaker continue. Minutes later, I will hang up. Once in a while, they will call again, thus the cycle begins.

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