03 August 2010


Boilerplate Scams, Aggressive Towkays, Apple Corporation, Tom Cruise's Movies, Macs, McDonald's, Iphone, Insurance Promoters, Ipad, Friendster, Broken English, MySpace, CNN, Bose, Dishonest People, Steve Jobs, New Cathay Building, Local Food, Taxi Drivers, U2, Nasty Tenants, New Supreme Court Building, Kopitiam, Wacko Jacko (Michael Jackson), Bossa Nova, TCM, Bruce Springsteen, Religious Fundamentalists, Nike, Coke, Religious Extremists, Soul, R&B, AIA Insurance People, Pixar, Prudential Insurance People, Heavy Metal, People who Block Exits to Trains, Rabid Opposition Types, Civil Service Drones, Bruce Willis's Movies,  Michael Moore, Rap, Conservative Talkshow Hosts, White Town Coffee, American Football, Scrabble, American Sports, Sitcoms, Jazz, People who Stand in front of Escalators, Aggressive Salespeople, Credit Card Promoters, Vampire Romance Porn, Disney Movies and Animation, IPPT, Car Salesmen, Yoga and Fitness Club Promoters, Kaya Toast, Unruly Rule-Breaking Tenants, Call Centre People, Terminator 2, Insincere People, Dragonlance, Belgariad, Margaret Weis, Spam, Tracy Hickman, David Eddings, TSR, A Song of Fire and Ice, Cold Callers, Golf, R.E.M., Boy Racers, Superman, Boy Racer Cars, Rock n' Roll (Generally but not everything), Islamists, Singlish, Hypocrites, Militant Greenies, Smelly Obese People, The Hulk, Kevin J. Andersen, Brian Herbert, Stalkers, Sitting between two Obese People at a table or cinema, Talking People in the Cinema, Macheads, Manure (Manchester United), The Beatles, Manure Fans (Manchester United), Sir Red Nose (Alex Ferguson), Brazilian Football Team, Maradona, Mel Gibson's movies, Bon Jovi, Aryton Senna, Damon Hill, Lewis Hamilton, Braggarts, Guns n' Roses, Jackie Chan, Death Metal, Speed Metal, Issac Asimov, Vampire Romance Porn, Vampires, Werewolves

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