02 August 2010

Fields of gold

Little experiments abound. For some years, I have been meaning try a lighter style with more washes and lighter colours.

On Friday, I drew three little throwaway ink pieces when I was on the train and in an auditorium in Singapore Polytechnic for a briefing. That night, I messed around with some watercolours and got this little piece out.

I have been experimenting with various colours, ink washes, and mixed media.

For my blog of drawings, do visit A Quietness Within.


dmarks said...

Awesome. Makes me think of the Sting song. Making this my wallpaper on my PC now.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Thank you. I am elated that you should make this your wallpaper! Whee!

Sting! I haven't heard much of him since the Dream of the Blue Turtles days in the mid-eighties.