23 August 2010

On the reports of a food blogger demanding free food

I read about the recent episode where it was reported that a food blogger had demanded free food with great amusement. Certain terms, unflattering, come to mind.

It was reported that in this instance, this blogger had patronised the upscale eatery Private Affairs.

The food blogger's reported reaction afterwards had me shaking my head.

I have also visited a few other sites which had offered opinions on this matter. I cannot take the reviews of any site which gives sponsored reviews, be it in the form of free products, discounted products, special treatment and so forth seriously. I cannot take the reviews of any site or blog which has the reviewer recognised or revealing themselves to be reviewers to the restaurant. The integrity in both instances would be suspect in my opinion.

For terrific writing about food, I would recommend that one look up 'The Man Who Ate Everything' by Jeffrey Steingarten. Now, this is fabulous writing, not merely about food, but fabulous writing in generally.

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