05 August 2010

Most applicable

One brave salesman tried his luck today.

Mr. Idiot: Hi, I am Mr Idiot* from Idiot Company*. Do you have a few moments to spare?

Me: Sure.

Mr. Idiot: We have an upcoming exhibition for sports and I feel that it will be most applicable to your company.

I was going to let him go on with his scripted spiel. At this point, when he mentioned 'most applicable', I decided to toy with him.

Me: Most applicable? How is it most applicable?

Mr. Idiot: We feel that it would most applicable to your sports company.

Me: Do you know what we do?

Mr. Idiot: Sports, right?

Me: Do you know the products we sell? Otherwise, how do you know that your exhibition is most applicable?

Mr. Idiot: Errr.. What do you sell?

Me: You obviously have no clue and you did not check on my company before you called. In which case, I am not interested.

Mr.Idiot: ....

There was an earlier one who was even more polite and wanted to sell me something that will help me earn money, reduce costs and more but he was unable to articulate how he could do that. I let him off.

*The names have been changed to protect the intellectually-challenged.

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