05 October 2005

Beneath the Trees

It was beneath these trees that she found joy. A feeling of elation that has eluded her for just about forever.

"This place is called the subspace
It is where you'll die alone"

'Subspace' Funker Vogt


Isa said...

You know why I like your works?

I like them because they are so full of feelings. Your drawings really bring the atmosphere you are trying to show in them, unlike mine, which are just as they are seen.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Hi Isa, that is indeed a new perspective. I have not thought of them this way. Thanks Isa, I am glad that you liked them.

Isa, you haven't really showed much of your work. And those that you have shown are quite diverse. The faces you drew did have a 'tribal' feel to them in that they feel more like 'masks' expressing basic emotions.

shyue chou