29 October 2005

The Forgotten Hall

This ink piece is inspired by a photo of a ballroom in a decrepit hotel somewhere in one of the American inner cities. I changed the arrangements, removed a lot of elements and added some in.

I scheduled this to be posted next a month from now. Since it fits the Illustration Friday theme, here it is.

Illustration Friday theme: Broken

"A quantum leap forward
Full OCP binary cyborg technology
State of the art destructive capabilities
Commanded by a unique combination of software and organic systems
Jesus...had days like this"
'Mindphaser' Front Line Assembly


Anonymous said...

Very interesting ... lots of broken things in there - looks great in enlarged version :)

The Unknown said...

Great ink sketch. Really nice work.

vfm4 said...

is this from one of those Detroit photos? i seem to recognize it..
difficult to draw but you did well.. as usual.. :)

R.Soler said...

I like your ink drawing!
Lots of broken things remind me of my job!

carla said...

I have always been drawn to deserted places that still had bits of their former glory. There was an old mansion in the town where I vacationed as a child, and my brother and I would often sneak through the overgrowth to peek into the windows. There were old, rotting velvet drapes and some moldy firniture inside, vestiges of a long lost golden era. Years later it was purchased and turned into a luxury hotel, and i felt as if something had been taken away from me. Weird, I know... This illustration really captured that memory for me...as always, your ink work is fabulous...such a mood you've created here.

Isa said...

I've updated my blog but don't expect too much from it.

Anyway, brilliant drawing you've got there!

Tony Sarrecchia said...

I love inkwork like this. Great job.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

vfm4, indeed it is. It is from the Kohrman Report. An exceptional blog. Thanks.

Do give this blog entry a look:

David Kohrman has a website and blog actually. The entry describes them. URLs are all there.

Catnapping said...

You can almost see the ghosts there.

Though there are many details here, it's that chair that does it for me. There's a sadness in this image. Very well done.

Holly said...

I agree with Carla-I love deserted old buildings as well. They look like they have a story to tell. Great take on the subject.

rubio2d said...

Hi Chuang!
Absolutly great ilumination! love the way you use the light!
Nice work!

victorie said...
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Alina Chau said...

nice drawing!!! Love the dark atmosphere!

Giles said...

Great drawing! I like the way you handled the light.

vfm4 said...

i'm not sure where exactly i saw it, i was thinking of this guy (but i may be wrong):


he had great stuff too! take a look if you have time.. :)

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Thanks Anonymous. I should work on the lighting and shades a bit more. It is inconsistent in places given the light source.

The Unknown, thanks. Hey, I really really like the pictures you drew of your kitties!

Rsc thanks. How so? The china?

Carla, I can relate to what you have said. Sometimes the sense of an old place is overpowering. The linger presence of a long forgotten period. Do you have pictures of that old mansion? Have you drawn something based on it? Thanks for your words on the illustrations.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Thanks Isa. I saw your new drawings. And you said you have quite a bit more. Heheh. Do put them up when you can.

Thank you Tony.

Thanks Catnapping. I had a nice photo for a perspective study. I changed the light source and its direction. I removed a lot of the debris. I simplified the image quite a bit and finally, I added a chair in the centre. I think there has to be a theme and the chair captures the mood perfectly.

Thanks Holly. I agree with you. They do have a story to tell.

Thanks Rubio, Giles. The light was artificially constructed. (As in I created and moved the light source)

Thanks Alina.

vfm4, thanks. I took a look at those two sites. The two photo references site I was referring to is the Kohrman Report and Forgotten Detroit. The link to the two links are here: