08 August 2006

The Vickers Independent Tank

The landship with multiple turrets. A Vickers design from the late twenties which pioneered many technology for that period. The Independent was based on a War Office specification of December 1922 and completed for testing in 1926.

The Independent preceded the Soviet T-28 and T-35 and might have influenced them. Similarly, it might have influenced the heavy prototype tanks PzKw V and VI, not to be mistaken with the later Panthers and Tigers.

The 31.5 ton Independent was armed with a 3-pounder and 4 Vickers machine guns.

Source of information: 'The Vickers Tanks: From Landships to Challenger 2' by Chris F. Foss and Peter McKenzie

Tank Musuem, Bovington: 2006 Posted by Picasa

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